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Material Systems, Inc.


Material Systems, Inc. is your one source provider for design, build and program management of custom returnable packaging for the Southeastern automotive manufacturing market. Our complete 360 degree view of the supply chain gives us unique insight to what makes for a successful packaging program. From shipping point, sequencing point, repacking center, to line placement, our experience in constraints, ergonomics, durability and part sensitivity provides us with the ability to create lasting unique custom solutions.


Material Systems, Inc. broad based experience with different program launches gives us unique insight to what solutions might work best for your supply chain. We are open to many approaches, but having “been there, done that” gives us some advantages on what materials might be best suited for a certain application, or what measurements for a certain pack might be better than another, or what density might be the best option for your application.

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Feel free to browse our 3D modeling white paper, you will be able to clearly see how Material Systems, Inc. can give you the advantage in viewing the options being considered.


Material Systems, Inc. offers a full line of manufactured packaging solutions. Because of our unique design and repair services experience, we have seen how many solutions fail in the supply chain. We strive to manufacture a long lasting durable pack that will not require constant care, maintenance or create safety hazards for team members using the solution. Samples on the slide show below show just a few of our durable steel material handling racks with foam, plastic and textile based dunnage, hand held totes with foam, textile inserts and custom made wooden crating solutions.

Program Management Services

On site and off site container repair

Material handling damage to packaging can have serious consequences to your supply chain. Much like a quality defect in a part going into production, a damaged container can be the weak link in the chain. Material Systems, Inc. offers on site container repair and off site container repair. We have worked with many organizations on systems that can identify damaged containers so they can be quarantined for repair. Material Systems, Inc. also has a specialized preventive maintenance program where each container will be inspected on either a cycle count or a timing increment to ensure the container fleet is in order. If you would like to discuss our different repair program options, please contact us today.

Container Asset Managment

What version is the container or pack? When did we do that? Who added what? It didn’t fit so we adjusted it when? Who approved that change? When did it go into service? How many do we have? What are the dimensions of the container? How many parts does it hold? Does it ship broken down? Can it be stacked? The list of questions goes on and on doesn’t it? In cooperation with an IBM partner, Material Systems, Inc. has developed a Container Asset Management Database, hosted as a SaaS “software as a service” that can be accessed anywhere with internet access that is utilized to answer the questions like the ones listed above. If you are at the beginning of a program or years into a program, Material Systems, Inc. can help you get a better handle on your container assets. For a needs analysis and a demo of our solution, please contact us to get started

A message from our CEO

Thank you for visiting our site. We are excited to be working with you as our customer, or potential customer. Some guiding principles I want to share with you as we move to support your organization. Material Systems will act within 3 guiding principles. Act in the best interest of the customer, provide the customer with the best products available, while making a reasonable profit. As a customer, or potential customer we understand you have many choices on vendor solutions. We want you to know…..

Material Systems, Inc. will always act in your best interest. Even in times where it may be a disadvantage to us, we believe that providing all options available and making our customers informed, will lead to future business and ultimately a better relationship.

Material Systems, Inc. will always strive to provide the best products and solutions available. Even where costs are scrutinized, Material Systems will offer the best products available to avoid short term failure or safety concerns. We would rather apologize once for a higher price, than apologize over and over for product or service failures.

To ensure the we are here in the future to serve our customers, we have to make a reasonable profit. Reasonable profits will ensure that customers are always getting a good value, and that Material Systems can continue to grow and serve you.

CEO of Material Systems, Inc.